A Face Balm for the Boys

Greetings! We are less than two weeks to wedding and while you’ve probably seen all of my bridal beauty prepping—lights, lasers and lashes, oh my!—over on Instagram, I’d be remiss in not mention the grooming going on in our house. Ty is in a committed and loving relationship with Ursa Major Fortifying Face Balm ($36) that’s three bottles strong and counting. I can only take credit for introducing him to the brand, the only mens-targeted skincare lines that is doing it right ingredients-wise, not just branding-wise. And it’s all-natural, which is unheard of for dudes. Unlike the tubs of thick, rich jars of balm we love here at BB, Ursa Major Fortifying Face Balm is more serum-like and designed with the skincare needs of guys in mind: hydrating yet lightweight with anti-aging ingredients and an antiseptic effect that calms skin (excellent post-shave), and smells like a spring forest thanks to lavender, lime, spearmint, and rosemary extracts. I would’ve been happy to see Ty wash his face a few times a week, but the kid is dedicated to his daily balm routine—and it shows. A couple weeks ago a bartender wanted to touch his face because it was so smooth and healthy-looking. You can touch him, but you can’t have him!

P.S. It’s not unheard of for Ty to use Ursa Major’s cleanser, face tonic and wipes too—or for me to steal them.


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