Annecy Farmer’s Market

  1. Rosie in the first pic haha. And her poor forehead – she fell. And her mouth was covered in raspberry juice from eating raspberries!
  2. I love farmer’s markets.
  3. We ate at the same restaurant every day because it was so good and every time we ordered Gratin de Crozet every time. Crozet pasta is pasta cut into tiny squares! It is baked into a casserole with cream, cheese, ham, and butter. It is soo good. Here is a recipe for it, if you want to try it at home.
  4. I love to visit new places but I also love the feeling of visiting somewhere that feels familiar.
  5. We stayed at this airbnb which ended up being so great. It was cheap and right in town.
  6. This dress is in my top 3 for favorite dresses I have ever owned.
  7. After this we went up to our room and changed into swimsuits and spent the rest of the day on the lake! We rented a paddle boat and paddled out to this giant slide that is in the water. It is so big that people fly off the end of it because you get going so fast. Atticus really wanted to do it though — I was sooo nervous and probably wouldn’t have let him but David said he could sooo he did haha and he loved it.  Him and David went down together so that made me feel better.
  8. Rosie is sitting next to me and keeps pointing to the picture of her and David and saying “DADA!!!! DADA!! DADA!”
  9. I go to NYC tomorrow and I cannot wait.
  10. I only worked out twice on our trip which isn’t a lot compared to my normal routine.. so when I got back home and did a few really solid workouts it made me sooooo sore. Like can’t lift my arms.
  11. Started watching Vikings and I like it — again the hair.
  12. When we got down to the farmer’s market I realized I forgot my sunglasses – as soon as I said “I forgot my sunglasses!” David was already running back up (it is 4 or 5 flights of stairs up to the airbnb). Then we started walking and I saw flowers I wanted to get for our host and said they would look so cute in that backpack I brought so again David leaves before I could even say another word and grabs it. He never complains about having to do anything like that and loves to do it for people. Nothing ever “inconveniences” him. If I forget something or want something he jumps right up and wants to get it for me. I think its so sweet.

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