Exploring Iceland!

Here are some pictures from Iceland!!! Wow guys Iceland is all it is talked up to be — I mean really wow! Every corner is something completely new and beautiful. We passed about 20 waterfalls on every drive and mountains and wild flowers – ahh. Really so stunning! We had so much fun pulling over and stopping to explore all the little corners. We saw these yellow flowers and had to pull over! And the second set of photos are from Fjadrárgljúfur Canyon!  The canyon was I think a lot of our favorites and definitely a must see if you go. We are out here in Europe with David, the kids, my assistant Laura who has been with us for almost a year, Ashley who is styling everybody’s hair, Amy who is our first contributor and is doing some beauty content that will coming soon, Tessa and her husband Cole who are doing photos and Tessa is modeling, and then Jaci and her husband Leif are doing video for BFB Hair and Jaci is also modeling 🙂 so it is a big group!!! They are all mega talented and we are so happy to have them with us. We planned this trip to gather a lot of content and get stuff prepped for some exciting stuff we have coming. We are in Paris now and then we are off to our next destination in the morning! This is our last destination with the whole group and then they will all be leaving us and the fam and I are going to Annecy for a week! Those who have been following for a long time know how much I love Annecy 🙂

Okay anyways, headed out to go pack and go to sleep! Can’t wait to share more photos! xoxoxo


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