Self Love Tee

It is Tuesday already!!! Ah. I am so mixed up on my days this week I don’t know why. David left town yesterday and will be gone fishing all week in Alaska! He went with my dad, brother, and bro in laws. So just me and the kiddies this week! Kinda excited because my sisters and I just wanna have sleepovers all week haha 🙂 I might take the kids on a mini road trip to the mountains too. Atticus won some points tonight when I was editing photos and he kept kissing my face on the computer screen and tickling my back — that boy knows how to shmoooze it up 😉

The other day for a Barefoot Blonde Hair photo shoot we got popsicles and this is what I wore! My sister married into this awesome family and a couple of the boys and one of their wives started this fun popsicle truck and they make homemade pops. They are freaking delicioussss. You have to try the watermelon one if you are in az! But they are all really good I can never pick a favorite.

I am still going strong with my BFB Hair challenge and I have only curled my hair I think 2 times all summer long! A few people were confused when they saw my hair curled the other day but I did say in the original post that if you have to use heat then limit it to once a week at most. There have been a couple times I needed to curl it for work and I am sure some of you are the same or maybe you have a wedding or something. Just use low heat and then try to go at least a whole week before using it again. In these photos I just got my hair a little wet and scrunched it with mousse. I can already tell such a big difference in my hair from no heat and I love it. And I am still wearing my extensions but I cut them to the length of my real hair. My hair on its own is so thin so you can basically always assume I am wearing extensions. Lately I have been tying different scarves around top knots or half up styles like this – it is so fun and completely changes the look.

Hope you have a good day!!!


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